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Mint Energy’s flagship solution is designed to mirror wholesale energy markets as closely as possible and deliver a wholesale pricing structure to the retail customer in order to drive down overall costs. It is a true wholesale program that capitalizes on the benefits of hourly index pricing as it clears on the commodity market and allows our customers to directly leverage the benefits associated with wholesale commodity purchasing.

Exercising your purchasing power in this manner is the closest possible way to buy electricity in the wholesale arena, other than being an actual member of the Independent System Operator (“ISO”). WEPS allows for customers of all sizes to participate in a pricing structure typically available only to wholesale users or suppliers who are members of the ISO. At Mint Energy, we strive to provide a fresh, new way for our customers to buy energy.


  • Electricity is priced hourly throughout the day and the price is largely dependent upon overall demand. Traditionally, during “off-peak” times, electricity on the exchange is often drastically less expensive than during “peak” times, sometimes even zero. Yet most utility offerings as well as competitive programs do not allow for the individual customer to benefit from this. Mint Energy’s Wholesale Energy Purchasing Solution passes this opportunity directly on to the customer.
  • Provides an itemized breakout of all additional costs associated with bringing wholesale energy to a retail customer. All aspects of the customer’s energy cost are clearly itemized on the monthly invoice. Along with wholesale energy, the four layered costs associated with bringing a wholesale energy purchase to retail delivery are Installed Capacity, Renewable Energy Requirements, ISO Ancillary Costs and Mint’s administrative Service Fee.
  • For many customers we will be able to consolidate multiple accounts in a helpful summary format. This would enable you to receive one monthly mailing of invoices for all of your locations, which will save you time and money by making your billing process simpler and streamlined.

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