Allowing your business to take full advantage of
restructured electricity markets.

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Energy Lock – A Fixed Full Requirement Solution

Energy Lock is an all-inclusive pre-determined per-kWh rate, full-requirements electricity supply product that aims to provide a Customer with cost certainty, price stability and the ability to budget for upcoming months and/or years.

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Energy Lock Plus – A Fixed/Price Response Solution

Energy Lock Plus™ (“EL+™”) is similar to a traditional fixed price, full-requirements product with the additional benefit of encouraging and helping commercial and industrial customers cut their energy consumption during peak pricing periods. Limiting energy consumption during high-priced energy periods reduces total power costs and can save customers significantly on their electricity bills.

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Power Select – Retail Adder Solution

Power Select makes it easier to track purchasing electricity by displaying the wholesale rate and retail adder separately. This type of purchasing has been used by business owners to purchase natural gas for years, and is now available for your electricity purchases. Our Retail Adder price allows you to forecast your non-energy costs for the term of your service and look to the wholesale market to see when would be the best time to lock in your electricity price.

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Green Select – Renewable Energy Credits Solution

With the Green Select option, Mint’s customers have a chance to purchase Green Select certified renewable energy credits that can be used for many purposes, including gaining points toward LEED certification for high energy-efficient buildings. These Green Select certified credits are purchased and stored in an account set up by Mint for each customer. Mint will track the REC purchases, which will also be made at competitive rates, and customers can increase their amount of renewable credits during their contract term if desired.

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Solar Supply and Integrated Projects

Mint Energy strongly supports innovation and commerce in renewable energy, solar supply in particular. We are adept at contracting with solar providers and developers to provide electric supply that is integrated and optimized in the solar sector. Our experience and in-depth market knowledge will result in a sound and low cost non-solar commodity purchasing strategy.

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Power Flex – Flexible Price Component Solution

Power Flex puts the power of choice into the hands of Mint Energy’s Customers. Power Flex offers a customizable solutions so that any customer of any size can optimize their energy purchasing strategy. Power Flex provides the opportunity to Fix or Pass-through, the primary components of your electricity price.

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WEPS – Wholesale Energy Purchasing Solution

Mint Energy’s flagship solution is designed to mirror wholesale energy markets as closely as possible and deliver a wholesale pricing structure to the retail customer in order to drive down overall costs. It is a true wholesale program that capitalizes on the benefits of hourly index pricing as it clears on the commodity market and allows our customers to directly leverage the benefits associated with wholesale commodity purchasing.

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