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A favorable regulatory environment and continuous increases in solar efficiency have increased the attractiveness of solar electricity for businesses. Currently available options for businesses range from the wholesale market for renewables, onsite distributed generation behind the meter, net-metering solutions, and participation in virtual net-metering and/or community solar gardens.

Mint Energy’s strongly supports innovation and commerce in renewable energy and for solar supply in particular. We are adept at contracting with solar providers and developers to provide electric supply that is integrated and optimized in the solar sector. Our experience and in-depth market knowledge will result in a sound and low cost non-solar commodity purchasing strategy.

Reasons To Adopt Solar Electricity

  • Lower your electricity bill and reduce your costs
  • Profit from tax credits and accelerated depreciation
  • Become more independent from volatile electricity price markets
  • Reduce the impact of disruptions from power outages
  • Contribute to the build-up of clean, safe, and silent renewable energies
  • Actively reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint
  • Substantiate your sustainability strategy and public image

Reasons To Explore Your Options With Mint Energy

  • Long term experience as a retail electricity supplier offering conventional and green power solutions make us the ideal partner to provide integrated energy solutions for your business
  • A great variety of products and the flexibility to create customized solutions allow us to generate unique options for your business
  • Our dynamic business growth has fueled a similar expansion in our product offerings, and continued desire to expand
  • Streamlined internal business processes and experienced staff allow us to sustain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction

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