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Power Flex puts the power of choice into the hands of Mint Energy’s Customers. Power Flex offers a customizable solution so that any customer, of any size, can optimize their energy purchasing strategy.

Power Flex provides the opportunity to Fix or Pass-through, any of the primary components of your electricity price. With the future costs of capacity, congestion, line losses, ancillaries and various renewable charges difficult to predict, this can lead to an added expense in your total cost of electricity. With Power Flex you can choose to manage some or all of the market risk for these components on a pass-through basis.

Power Flex vs. Fully Fixed Rate

Power Flex Components

  • Energy represents solely the charges for the electricity supplied, including system congestion costs and line losses for both transmission and distribution.
  • Capacity Charges are costs associated with Mint Energy’s obligation to provide capacity. This includes costs imposed by the ISO as well as costs for managing risk associated with serving the capacity obligation related to load.
  • Renewable Energy Charges are the costs associated with any local and, or federal renewable programs.
  • Ancillary Charges are costs that include, scheduling and related charges; fees levied by ISO, such as: Regulation Charges, Reserves, Load Response, and other associated charges.

Flexibility is the key ingredient of Power Flex and is ideal for customers that want to play a greater role in managing their energy solutions.

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