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Renewable Energy Credits

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Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it is also a business issue. Approximately three quarters of all man made greenhouse gases are produced from burning fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, and a majority of electricity in New England comes from coal and natural gas power plants. Businesses also account for more than half of energy consumption in the U.S.

With the Green Select option, Mint’s customers have a chance to purchase Green Select certified renewable energy credits that can be used for many purposes, including gaining points toward LEED certification for high energy-efficient buildings. These certificates represent energy produced by renewable sources in use today, like wind, biomas and or solar power. These Green Select certified credits are purchased and stored in an account set up by Mint for each customer. Mint will track the REC purchases, which will also be made at competitive rates, and customers can increase their amount of renewable credits during their contract term if desired.

Reasons To Go Green

  • Help avoid and offset air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Stimulate economies and create jobs
  • Get closer to being emission neutral
  • Generate positive publicity and enhance public and private image
  • Reduce the vulnerability of our nation’s energy infrastructure

Let Mint Set Up Your Green Select Account Today

  • Build your company’s green energy portfolio
  • Gain points toward LEED certification for high energy efficient buildings
  • Get access to competitive Green Select credits
  • Track purchases through on-line renewable credit account for your business

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