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Fixed/Price Response

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Energy Lock Plus™ (“EL+™”) is similar to Mint Energy’s Energy Lock product, a simple, full requirements,  traditional fixed price product with the added benefit to optimize market volatility through the curtailment of energy consumption during peak demand periods. Limiting energy use during high-demand energy periods reduces total power consumption  and can save customers significantly on their electricity bills.  Energy Lock Plus now provides the additional benefits for customers to receive credits for their reduction in consumption during high demand energy periods.

During periods when wholesale electricity prices are anticipated to rise higher than normal customers are alerted via email, telephone, and/or text by a Price Response Provider (Mint Energy or a participating consultant) and are given the suggestion to reduce electricity consumption. These events are called Load Drop Events (“LDE”) and will be predicted by a Price Response Provider.

Mint Energy will establish a Load Baseline for customers, and those customers that reduce their usage below the Load Baseline during a high demand energy period would be eligible for an electricity bill credit .

Historical Usage vs. Energy Lock Plus Usage with LDE


  • When Mint Energy determines there will be a possible LDE within the next business day or off-peak period, a notification will be sent to the designated contact detailing the anticipated hours of the event and the likelihood the event will happen.
  • Same day notification will occur as early as possible (no later than one hour prior to the start of the LDE,) detailing the updated information of the anticipated event in the real time market, including hours of the event and whether the event is being officially “called.”
  • EL+ will be available to commercial account customer with an interval meter, ‘smart meter,” or other utility grade meter that reports usage in intervals of at least 15 minutes. The interval meter must be installed and functional before you start generating revenue from energy sale-back. Available terms range from 12-48 months.
  • The fixed per-kWh Contract Price will be negotiated on an individual case basis.

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